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Arielle Gomberg, founder and host, is an advocate, writer and speaker. She is recognized for her award winning conversations and delegations regarding human rights, violence and controversial topics where teens are exposed to challenging issues outside of the classroom. Arielle brings awareness and exceptional dedication in advocating for protection and education of human rights and violence in various forms.

THRIVE Blog & Podcast is a place where we delve into the topic of violence. We explore the reasons behind it, the effects it has on individuals, communities, and societies, and most importantly, we talk about ways to prevent it. Our interviews are made up of professionals and experts in the field of violence prevention, education and legal protections, and we are passionate about sharing our insights with our audience. We believe that by raising awareness and providing practical tools and solutions, we can make a real difference in reducing violence in our world and protecting our deserved human rights.


Arielle Gomberg
Founder & Podcast Host

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